Integrate Quickbooks contacts into RingCentral

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Quickbooks integration. Is there a way to integrate quickbooks contacts into RingCentral? That way when a customer calls their name appears in the CallerID.
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  • excited to get a new capability.

Posted 4 years ago

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Count me as a second vote for this feature. Would love to avoid redundant data entry any time we add a new client or update a current client's contact info.
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Thank you for the suggestion.

There are four ways integrations can become reality. The list below is in order or preference, and probability.

1. The target provider develops an integration with RingCentral as a partner (in this case, it would be Quickbooks building an integration with us).
2. Customer develops a private integration for their own usage if the target provider offers an open API as well (since RingCentral already does).
3. Customer pays for RingCentral Professional Services to develop a custom integration for them (contact your Account Executive for more info).
4. RingCentral develops an integration with the target provider.
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Chris Sternfels

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Can someone please reach out to me to look into option 3. We are very much interested in this. My direct number is 734-XXX-XXXX.

Thank you,
Chris Sternfels, CEO
Medsupplier Corp.
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Hey Chris, I have sent this post and your information to our Professional Services Team. Also, I edited your original post to hide your phone number (so you do not get SPAM phone calls from bots (but have given that info to the PS Team).

Let me know how things go please.
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If this becomes widely available I would love to be notified. I am trying to simplify my office and get us into the technology that will help us be more efficient.
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Here is some more information on a Quickbooks contacts integration with RingCentral.

Developer Solution - available today

For an API solution, both RingCentral and Quickbooks have open APIs so you can build your own sync solution or have our Professional Services do it. Contact RingCentral support to get access to the contacts APIs. 

Here is an example of the Quickbooks customer object:

The Quickbooks customer object includes a "DisplayName" property along with a "PrimaryPhone.FreeFormNumber" property. To sync this information into RingCentral, you would need to convert the free form phone number into an E.164 format phone number which can be done using RingCentral's phone number parsing API or a library like Google's libphonenumber.

Out of the Box Solution - coming soon

For an out-of-the-box solution, PieSync ( is a Sync as a Service solution that is working on a Quickbooks to RingCentral contacts sync. It is currently targeted for Q2 of 2017. If you are interested in this, please make a request here:
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John Wang, Official Rep

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The Piesync solution is now available specifically for contacts sync. Please also check out our partner Tenfold who has posted below.

Two-way contact sync between RingCentral and Quickbooks

PieSync integrates RingCentral with Quickbooks for an automatic 2-way contacts sync. Every time you add or update a contact in RingCentral, it is automatically synced with Quickbooks, and vice versa - eliminating import/export!

Want to win time by managing just one application? Set up PieSync for free today and start syncing your RingCentral andQuickbooks contacts.
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@Heather, @Beth, @Jason

You can easily integrate Quickbooks & RingCentral with Tenfold, a 3rd party phone intelligence tool that makes it possible to automatically log interactions in Quickbooks, this way, the customers' primary info appears on the Caller ID and screen pop. You might want to give these guys a try.