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Is there any way to get incoming call detail via an API (in near real time)?

I need a way for my server (Linux) to be notified of ALL incoming call information. I can do this quite easily with, but I would like to use RingCentral.

I tried to write a screen-scrape program that would automatically download the call detail log every few minutes, but could not get it to work. The RC login process is quite complex and is difficult to emulate. With enough time, I could probably get it to work, but it would likely break if they decided to change anything.

When I spoke with support and asked about an API, all the people I asked were clueless and really didn't understand what I wanted. They suggested I install the PC Incoming Call software, which is NOT a solution that is useful for my purposes.

Their PC software must use some kind of API, but I cannot find any details on it. I suppose I could use a network monitor and reverse-engineer it, but it would be better if I had the actual interface details instead of wasting a bunch of time.

Perhaps someone else has solved this problem and has some suggestions. If not, I will have to start transferring some of our numbers to
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Jeff Groves

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Posted 6 years ago

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Hi Jeff, this is a good request. I'm going to change it to an Idea. Right now our APIs aren't open, but we would like to make them available for use cases like the one you describe. I will create this as a feature request internally.
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George Friary

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Hi, I need the same thing and the lack of being able to use an api to hit our url with incoming call info is a deal breaker (cant signup without it). We need our url to be hit for each incoming call with the incoming phone number so that our internal screens can show info from etc. We need to be able to decline and block numbers based on the screens on our workstations. All we need from ringcentral is a push notification of incoming calls, we'll handle the rest.
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Jeff Groves

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I'm still waiting for an API interface from Ringcentral. In the meantime I transferred some of our numbers to ifbyphone in order to get the incoming call details.  They have a good API, but their web interface is clunky compared to Ringcentral.
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Bradley Phillip

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I need this API. does Ringcentral have an ETA on anything?
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Bradley, Be sure to click the "Like" button above if you have not. 
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George Friary

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i ended up using plivo instead as ringcentral didnt have enough api options :(
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RingCentral has made this functionality available via RingCentral Connect Platform API's Subscription resources. Currently available to RingCentral customers who have Office Premium and higher accounts, you can register as a member of the RingCentral Developer Community.

I have written an article on how you can subscribe to multiple extension's presence events using our APIs here:

You can read more about how the Subscription API resource operates here:

If you're able, the RingCentral JavaScript SDK is has the "best" support for this type of event-driven workflow, and is recommended for use with Subscription event handling.
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Subscription doesn't seem to work with call log API. Still cannot get notified when there's incoming call.
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Hi Liu,

Could you please provide some more information. We have our Subscription API's working as expected in both the environments:

1.) Sandbox 
2.) Production 

However, in order to break up things for you please take a look at this API Reference article:

Explain Subscription API

Subscription API:!#Notifications.html

View the (official and community developed) RingCentral SDKs:

We also have a Tutorial in node.js which you could take a look at under the 'Tutorials' section on our developer portal:

Let us know if you are missing something.