Integration: FileMaker plugin for RingCentral

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Dialing out is easy, incoming probably not so easy.
Also contact integration would be useful.
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Kyle Putzier

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Posted 6 years ago

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It would be great to able to send SMS directly from FileMaker and receive any responses to those messages via email.
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I agree, Filemaker integration will be a great feature for our company
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+1 for Filemaker integration (Mac version in particular). Need the ability to dial the softphone as a Filemaker script step (calling an Applescript would be fine). It would be a bonus if a clients Filemaker record could be activated on an incoming call (as the Mac address book currently is). We're soooooo close to panacea here! :-)
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Tim Ballering

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If you want to make calls then use the ring out API and a FMP open URL script.  See the RC doc at:
For those wanting SMS, that is fairly easy as well:
What I need is the ability to capture incoming call data with FMP as the call comes in, not as the daily log after the fact.  I appears you can do this with a PC, but not on a Mac. 

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Claudio (Customer)

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Any findings with this ?
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I was hoping to find something like this for Filemaker, but I really don't like sending user/pass as plain text in the URL query string.  Any advice on using the POST method with Filemaker?
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Benjamin Dean, Alum

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@Tim: I haven't used FMP in years and years (forgotten most of it). Is there a way to have an application running on your local machine execute an FMP URL or RPC? If there is, you could use this little Subscription (Push Notification) demo app as a starting point to create the type of functionality you require for real-time inbound call notifications using the RingCentral Connect Platform:

Just follow the directions in the file to get started using this demo code. Once configured and running, it will fetch a list of all the Extensions in your account and create a Subscription (aka: Push Notification) to receive those Extension's Presence events. You can filter for "type=Voice" and "direction=Inbound" (among other parameters) to then use the embedded HTTP server to make the appropriate URL call to FMP in the event handler for Subscription Notifications.

Not sure if this will work (as I said, even the rust has fallen off my FMP knowledge and turned to dust), but I thought it would be worth sharing in the event this could be a feasible solution. If it does work and you like it, please "Star" the Github repository. If you would like to receive notifications when there are changes or new issues with the code, please "Watch" the repository. If you experience issues with this demo code, please do add them to this repository's Issue Tracker:
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If you are not a developer, but are hoping for a new integration, the best way to proceed is to contact the vendor for software you are wanting RingCentral to integrate with. 

See message from our Developers below. 
We highly recommend customers who wish to see a particular integration between RingCentral and other service providers to contact your provider account representative. You're the customer and we love listening to you!
You can:
  1. Ask your service provider's account representative, "Are you working on, or do you have upcoming plans to integrate with RingCentral using the RingCentral Connect Platform"?
  2. If they are working/planning on developing an integration, you should share your needs to see if their implementation plans will address your needs
  3. If they are not working/planning on developing an integration, you should tell them how valuable it would be for you to have streamlined interoperability between "Service X" and your RingCentral communications provider. Ask them if there is an integrations product manager who would be interested in hearing about your use-case(s).

You're the customer, and while RingCentral would love to build every integration which is asked of us, that would require massive amounts of developers and would distract from our primary purpose of building best-of-breed, enterprise-class, cloud-based communication services for you!
That is why we have created the RingCentral Connect Platform and opened our API for developers, partners, and system make it easy for customers to get what they want and for other companies to have a streamlined and self-service interface to our Platform.
Of course, for service providers who also offer an API to their customers, but may not have bandwidth to build an integration with RingCentral, you as the customer are always welcome to develop an integration for your own needs as a Private application using the Developer Portal.
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Front Line

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Hi Mike,

Is the API deprecated or still in use ?
As when we are trying to use this API in FileMaker we get message :

"Invalid Username or Password"
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Benjamin Dean, Alum

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Hey Front Line, it is recommended to use the RingCentral Connect Platform API RingOut resource to execute RingOuts. AFAIK, the old ringout.asp should still work, but using the Connect Platform is the modern, recommended approach.

Here QuickStart Tutorials for how to get up-and-running with the RingCentral Connect Platform: 
Here is the complete API Developer Guide:
Here is the RingOut API Documentation:!#RingOut.html
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Front Line

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Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your response.
We have a Office Plan . Is it possible to use the Connect Platform API with this plan ?
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Benjamin Dean, Alum

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For Premium and Enterprise editions of RC Office, you should be able to login to using an administrator-level RC user account.

If you are on Office Standard, we have certain requirements which must be met in order to be granted access into the Developer Portal (Beta Platform). Just create a developer support ticket and request to have your RingCentral account reviewed to have your account provisioned with access to the Developer Portal.
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For FileMaker integration, it may be useful to contact Automation USA ( They are a FileMaker Certified Developer that has experience with RingCentral APIs.
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Patrick Maurer

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled FileMaker Pro engage softphone.

I want to call the soft phone with a url protocol. I'm using Filemaker Pro and want to start a phone call using Filemaker. Then it would pass the phone number to the soft phone app and activate the soft phone app.
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Benjamin Dean, Alum

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Here is a video/blog post from a good friend of mine who is an expert FMP developer.

It should help with guiding you in how to use the RingCentral API in conjunction with FileMaker Pro (or at least get you moving in the right direction). :)
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Automation USA

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Official Response
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Benjamin Dean, Alum

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This is awesome! Thanks Automation USA!