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Can I send multiple files as one fax?

Yes you can. Just add each file as a MIME part. You can mix and match different MIME types. The Ruby fax helper has an .add_file() method that can be used in succession to add multiple files.

What file types are supported for faxes?

RingCentral supports 29 file types including PDF, TIFF, DOCX, DOC, XLSX, XLS, RTF, HTML, XML and many more. These are listed in the API Developer Guide along with the accepted MIME types.

Is providing a filename in the Content-Disposition header necessary?

A filename isn't necessary but if you provide one, it will be displayed in the RingCentral Online Account Portal.

How can I check the status of a fax message?

Faxes are queued by RingCentral and a successful response will include the property "messageStatus" : "Queued". To verify a fax has been set correctly poll the messaage store uri property provided in the response for an updated messageStatus. Upon success, the messageStatus property will be updated to "messageStatus" : "Sent".

Why can the faxPageCount change?

When a fax request is first submitted the faxPageCount is set to 0 when when messageStatus is set to Queued because the fax hasn't been rendered yet so the number of pages haven't been counted. When the fax is successfully rendered and sent with messageStatus set to Sent the faxPageCount will be properly populated. In the event that the message is not successfully sent and the messageStatus is set to SendingFailed, the faxPageCount property may or may not be sent depending on the type of failure.

How can I view sent faxes in the Service Web Portal?

Yes, faxes sent via the API can be viewed in the Service Web Portal (https://service.ringcentral.com) in both Messages > Sent Items and in the Call Log. The rendered fax documents can be downloaded from Messages > Sent Items.

How can I retrieve a sent fax via API?

When sending a fax via the API, the fax message messageId and rendered fax attachmentId can be used in the message store end points to retrieve the message information or attachment.

Will retrieving a rendered fax attachment change the read status?

Retrieving a fax attachment file via the API will not change the read status to Read from Unread. This is desirable as retrieving the fax document may be for archival and other purposes that should not indicate the fax was read. To change the status use the Update Message API call.

Is it possible to find out why a fax failed?

If a fax transmission fails, the reason is reported in the Call Log Record's result property. It is also presented in the Service Web Portal.

Do I need multiple sandbox accounts to support multiple fax numbers?

This depends on how you intend your application to work with the multiple fax numbers.

If you intend the multiple fax numbers to be owned by a single production RingCentral customer, then you only need a single Sandbox Account to represent the single Production Account. Within a single Sandbox (or Production) Account, you can create multiple Direct Numbers for fax that can be either Company Numbers (no extension) or a Direct Extension Number (associated with an extension).

If you intend the multiple fax numbers to be owned by and associated with multiple production RingCentral Customers, then you can create multiple Sandbox Accounts to represent the multiple Production Accounts.

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If I am using my application in SandBox, will I still see sent out faxes on Service Web Portal under Messages > Sent or this only works for Production applications?
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You should be able to see the "Sent" faxes in both Production and Sandbox Environment under call logs and Message Store however downloading the fax attachments  is possible in Service Web Portal under Message > Sent ( Production / Sandbox )