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I ported my Google Apps number to Ring Central. I really like your product.

However, I've lost some capability I had with GVoice that had impacted my workflow.

Would be nice to have an Ring Central API so you can use 3rd party apps on Mac like Quicksilver, Alfred, CoBook, etc. With Google voice integration I could quickly search for a contact and select their number and my phone was ringing connecting me to that contact.

Ring Central has broken that workflow and now I find myself searching and manually dialing contacts.

I know, I know 1st World problems. But, when you have a lot going on anything to streamline that workflow helps substantially. 

And to be honest - your Softphone app has a LOOOONG way to go in that department. Access the contact list and searching is painful and long. At the very least you should be able to search contact right from the main dialing screen.
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Eddie Forero

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Posted 5 years ago

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gordon phantom

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Abso-f***king-lutely. Eddie nailed it. PLEASE PLEASE add at the VERY least a hotkey to get to "contacts" (which reads the address book which itself syncs to Google)
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Danielle Radin

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Thanks for this suggestion, Eddie. I will run this by the relevant person at RingCentral. Excellent idea.
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gordon phantom

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Somehow, you can already do this with dialectic! ( (No, I don't work for that company....just found like a charm....even works with Alfred2 !!!)
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Benjamin Dean, Alum

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Could you outline a detailed list of functionality which was lost?

Have you tried using the RingCentral Google for Chrome integration available in the RingCentral App Gallery? Does this restore the lost functionality you need?
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Robert Stoeber

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The biggest problem we have all been complaining about for years is that the contact list does not sync to our Google Contacts, or any other contact source.

With RingCentral we have two options: 

Company contacts (which are only people in our RingCentral account)

Personal contacts (which are not shared, and which have to be maintained manually)

Many (most) of us have lists of clients, vendors, sales reps, etc. that must be shared by everyone on our phone system. We NEED a way to share contacts like that AND they need to sync automatically with Google Contacts.

I can't believe it is almost 2016 and we can't get a simple thing like contact list syncing. 
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Benjamin Dean, Alum

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Hey Robert,

I understand your needs and I know that everyone at RingCentral values the importance of your needs. As an organization having over 300,000 customers, we must decide how best to invest our engineer's time to satisfy as many of our customer's needs as 

Not every RingCentral customer uses Google Contacts, but we understood the importance of being able to provide our customers RingCentral operations in an environment like Google Chrome. This is why we developed the Google Chrome RingCentral integration in the App Gallery and covered as many use-cases as possible. I've highlighted the ones I think will be most important and useful to you below:
  • Use with Google Chrome browser on any platform (Windows® or Mac®).
  • Make calls through the RingCentral phone system from your Gmail account.
  • Click to dial any phone number displayed in Gmail and eliminate misdials.
  • Listen to your voicemails directly within Gmail.
  • Combine your RingCentral and Google contacts in one easy-to-search screen.
  • Send or receive texts messages and see them as conversations.
  • Schedule RingCentral Meetings® and conference calls directly within Google Calendar.
  • Invite as many as 1,000 audio participants to any Google Hangout.
  • View your complete communications history anytime - calls, texts, faxes, and voicemails.
RingCentral is the world's leading cloud-communication platform. We try to stay focused on providing exceptional service while also integrating into as many other valuable services (which are some of the world's leading contact management and customer resource management systems).

In the future, we may consider providing some type of contact and list management. For now, we're building a system which allows our customers to leverage "best of breed" software from the world's leading brands, each of whom have focused their products and services. For example, Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud and Zoho are some of the world's leading Customer Resource Management tools. Zendesk and are some of the world's leading customer support tools.

This paradigm allows you to use the list management, marketing, sales, service, support, and data-augmentation tools and services you choose from the leading brands. Applying this paradigm to your particular use-case you could:
  1. Implement Google Apps to manage your domain's email (via GMail), calendars, contacts, etc...
  2. Maintain your various contact lists in Google Contacts
  3. Any of the users configured in your Google Apps Domain could then share/maintain your contact lists
  4. Anyone in your organization who has been setup as a RingCentral user can then make calls from Gmail to any of the contact lists which they have permission to view
The main goal of this approach, is you don't have to sync can maintain your contact lists in a system focused on contact lists, while ensuring your call quality with those contacts is always "top notch" by using RingCentral as your communication platform. I hope this provides you with the answer you were seeking.

All the best, Benjamin