Add 3rd party closed captioning integration to RingCentral meetings

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As an end user of RingCentral meetings, I'd like to be able to use a 3rd party closed captioning service like for my meeting captions. Your partner company, Zoom Video Communications does this very well. Can you add the same functionality into RingCentral, please?

Often times, we use a remote CART provider to provide live captioning for our meetings, and these providers stream the captions to a URL hosted on 

If your engineering team can add this integration into the product, RingCentral can be a much more inclusive and accessible product!

Account type: U.S.
Business: online learning
Feature: 3rd party closed captioning integration support
Benefit: Increased accessibility compliance!
Number of users: approximately 200 or so.
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Kathleen McMahon

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Posted 5 months ago

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