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Exchange Code to Token Failed
This is my Code for getting token. $code=$_REQUEST['code']; $APPKEY="u8hj81KeQ9uQDyA1PBTTgw"; $req='https://platform.devtest.ringcentral....
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Invalid client error while calling refresh token api
Hi All, I am calling refresh token api to refresh token. But when I call, It throws error "Invalid client: ". I am calling using node js...
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Access Expired using Sdk
Dictionary<string, string> obj = new Dictionary<string, string>();                     obj.Add("refresh_token", CurrentUser.RCRefreshToke...
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How does OAuth work as far as getting the token and refreshing of the token in my code?
Saw this question being asked in an email thread and thought I would share it for anyone who may have the same question... How does OAut...
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